Monday, May 11, 2015

The Island That Rejected Civilization

North Sentinel Island – The Island That Rejected Civilization   

Link via The Presurfer.


Todd Mason said...

I'm reminded of Niihau, the intentional community island in Hawaii where only Hawaiians are allowed to live, and they in some semblance of how they lived when Cook's ships first visited (only, one hopes, without all the civil war). Of course, that was set aside paternalistically by the Robinsons, not so much a Swiss family as one of the missionary families that became tycoons doing the Lord's work and taking on as much of the property on the Islands as was possible and too bad for the previous residents.

Also impressed by the click-bait 10 Shocking Things About France, where the photo demonstrates that one of he shocking things is the amount of makeup a woman might wear while taking a bath. (But Shocking Canada is represented by an image from All-Amurrican SOUTH PARK, so that helps add further perspective.)

Unknown said...

I love click bait.