Monday, May 11, 2015


Brett Halliday, Tickets for Death, Dell, 1958


Richard Moore said...

There was an earlier Dell edition (#387), a Mapback with a much better cover than this one with Ralph Stanley, which is the one I own.

This is an early Shayne from when he was married to Phyllis. The book opens with someone pulling a Badger game on Shayne, which is nicely illustrated on the Mapback cover.

I recall the plot involves a Greyhound racing track but the more than half century since reading wiped out other details.

I'm due to reread some Shayne novels.

Unknown said...

That one was featured on the blog a couple of years back:

James Reasoner said...

I reread this a couple of years ago and thought it held up quite well. Shayne and Phyllis were in good form.

Kent Morgan said...

Thought I might read this again and discovered I have three different covers, but not the one with the Mapback.

Unknown said...

Obviously Halliday was reprinted a lot in the old days.