Friday, May 29, 2015

Forgotten Hits: #1 - 1955 - 1963

Forgotten Hits: #1 - 1955 - 1963


Jeff Meyerson said...

They sure weren't forgotten by me! I've always considered 1961 the Best Year Ever in rock & roll and that list shows why. A lot of great stuff on there.


Jeff Meyerson said...

Looking up Bobby Vee, I found this:

On April 29, 2012, Bobby Vee announced on his website that, a year ago, he had been diagnosed with suffering from the early stages of Alzheimer's disease and, as a consequence, would withdraw from the music business.

That sucks.


Unknown said...

The last time I read about Vee, he was still managing pretty well with the help of his family. That was about a year ago, though. Alzheimer's doesn't let up, though. "Sucks" is too mild a term.