Tuesday, January 20, 2015

This is what dead Cthulhu dreams of as he waits In his house at R'lyeh

011915lovecraft_Beer.jpegGothamist: H.P. Lovecraft has inspired generations of authors, artists and now beer makers, with the release of a new beer inspired by the works of the "Father of Modern Horror." Rhode Island's Narragansett Beer has begun a new beer collection dubbed the Lovecraft Series, which pays homage to the Providence-born author, who was also born in the same year the brewery was founded.


George said...

Very cool!

Jerry House said...

This really puts the "Nasty" into Nasty Gansett (as the beer is lovingly referred to in New England).

Matthew said...

This ironic when you consider that Lovecraft was a strident teetotaler.