Friday, December 12, 2014

This Kind of Proves the Point of a Post Below

Largo man injured in 'accidental' overnight shooting: A Largo man was hospitalized overnight after being shot in what authorities said was a game between two men pointing loaded guns at each other.


Kevin R. Tipple said...

About when I was 22 or so I was invited to play a similar game during a party. I had the good sense to go home. When I left he was looking for somebody to take my place.

Went to work the next morning and found out that my buddy had played the game anyway using the hall mirror in his parent's house. So, he was pointing the gun at his own reflection. Ended up firing a round that went through the mirror, through the wood wall behind it, and hit the lit kerosene lamp out by the pool setting the backyard ablaze. Nobody got hurt, but the fence burned as did the landscaping along one section of it.

Three fire trucks came as did more than half a dozen squad cars. A bunch of folks got tickets for underage drinking, drug possession, Two of the young ladies were skinny dipping in the pool when officers arrived so they got lewd conduct tickets. At the time I just thought it was all funny stupid.

These days, it scares the hell out of me what could have happened.

Unknown said...

You were clearly the smartest one at the party.

Dan said...

There's a column in the newspaper called "Weird World" or something like that, which often features stories about someone doing something incredibly stupid.

It is always a guy.

Deb said...

Q: What do you call two guys just "playing a game" with a loaded gun?

A: A corpse and a defendant.