Sunday, December 28, 2014

How Brooklyn Neighborhoods Got Their Names

How Brooklyn Neighborhoods Got Their Names


Anonymous said...

Of course I could have told you that. The first picture is the same view we have from our window. Not really. First, we face the back rather than the water but it is close. The end of Bay Ridge by the Bridge is also called after the Army base, Fort Hamilton, where Robert E. Lee was once the Commandant (you could look it up).

As you can see in the pictures and captions a lot of the neighborhoods have been subdivided and renamed over the years, often by real estate people. I mean, who wants to live in Red Hook (though it is semi-trendy now) or South Brooklyn when you can live in Carroll Gardens (where we lived for 16 years) or Cobble Hill or Boerum Hill.

When I grew up we just called where we lived Flatbush, though now it is Midwood (see picture), or maybe Kings Highway.


Unknown said...

I knew you'd have the lowdown on all those places.

Jerry House said...

I thought Flatbush/Midwood/Kings Highway was now called Original Jeffville.