Saturday, January 03, 2015

Phoenix Press

A Girl in Every Port by William McClellanPhoenix Press on AbeBooks: New York’s Phoenix Press was a publisher of mysteries, westerns, and other light fiction in the 1930s and 1940s. We were alerted to this company’s literary history by a loyal AbeBooks customer called Paul Rollinson, who encouraged us to feature Phoenix’s fantastic Depression-era pulp, if only for the amazing dust jackets. Phoenix was one of many lending-library publishers of the era, and fought to rise above the others of its ilk to make a name for itself in the tough economic climate.


Tom Johnson said...

I've lucked out and found numerous books from the Lending Library at cheap prices. I would like to have them all, of course (lol).

Dan said...

I believe Bill Pronzini mentioned Phoenix Press in his fine book GUN IN CHEEK. And if I recall correctly, they printed some of Harry Stephen Keeler's later stuff.

Unknown said...

Pronzini had a lot to say about them. They also published Harry Whittington's first novel, a western, I believe.