Saturday, January 25, 2014

Doc Savage: Phantom Lagoon -- Will Murray

Here's what Will Murray says about this book, the latest in his "All-New Wild Adventures of Doc Savage": “Back in 1939, Lester Dent prepared an opening continuity for a Doc Savage comic script,” explains Murray. “In his opening sequence, hardboiled Hornetta Hale, who acts like a cross between Sam Spade and Mae West, is introduced to the world. Although Dent never completed this storyline, I recognized the possibilities and ran with them." (Hat tip to Forces of Geek.)

In Murray's novel, Hornetta is rescued from an otherwise deserted Caribbean island.  She gets to New York, where she tries to hire Doc Savage. Doc doesn't work for hire, but Hornetta's presence brings down serious trouble, with the bad guys pretty much wiping out Doc's headquarters in the Empire State Building and his Hidalgo Trading Company warehouse.  Then Hornetta tries to kidnap Doc, Ham, and Monk, all the while refusing to tell them why she was on the island and what's going on, other than that it's of world-shaking importance.

It's all action all the time, and as you can see from the cover of the book, Doc gets involved with some odd-looking creations when he finally does arrive at the titular lagoon.  Will Murray has the Lester Dent style down pat, and he captures the spirit of the original stories perfectly.  Doc Savage fans will eat this one up and be ready for more.

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George said...

I have PHANTOM LAGOON on order. I've enjoyed Will Murray's previous DOC SAVAGE novels.