Wednesday, December 18, 2013

New McSweeney's: Hitchcock v Bradbury!

New McSweeney's: Hitchcock v Bradbury!: Daniel from McSweeney's writes, "At stake in the latest McSweeney's is nothing less than a celestial duel between Alfred Hitchcock and Ray Bradbury. Culled from old anthologies edited by Hitchcock and Bradbury, McSweeney's 45 includes stories by Franz Kafka, Roald Dahl, Josephine W. Johnson, and John Steinbeck, among others. Paired alongside these stories is new work from Brian Evenson, China Miéville, Benjamin Percy, and E. Lily Yu. Also featured is a letter from Boing Boing's own, Cory Doctorow.

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Todd Mason said...

Now, if Hitchcock had ever edited a book (even STORIES THEY WOULDN'T LET ME DO ON TV was more edited by the NBC censors), this might've more thoroughly escaped the pukey cuteness that mars almost everything from Eggers's enterprises, even the most noble or (in the case of the special issues edited by Michael Chabon) most interesting products.