Tuesday, December 17, 2013

It's Already Too Late If You Live in Alvin, Texas

7 Endangered NYC Foods You Should Eat Before They Disappear Forever


Anonymous said...

That is an idiotic article. Ferdinando's (we took Maggie and Beth there on their visit to NY) has been there over 100 years and is not going anywhere. Their speciality is panelle and their massive rice balls.

The lard bread is also common in that neighborhood, and most of the other items are readily available, certainly in Brooklyn. I agree that most bagels are not "real" the way they were when we were growing up, but go to Bagel Hole on Seventh Avenue in Park Slope and they are.

And stay off my lawn!


Rick Robinson said...

I've never heard of most of them and never eaten any of them. I've had bagels, but common bagels apparently aren't what this guy means.

Anonymous said...

"Real" bagels are mostly smaller and chewy with a harder crust.