Thursday, October 10, 2013

Restless -- Kasey Lansdale

Kasey Lansdale's career is fun to watch.  She's a singer, she's a writer, she's an anthologist.  Meanwhile dad Joe is a famous writer who has movies being made of his books, while brother Keith is writing comic book and movie scripts.  I told Joe that they needed to train somebody to draw, and he said, "As a matter of fact, my brother . . . ."  So I think they have all the bases covered now.

Anyway, I was listening today to a new album by Cassadee Pope, who's supposed to be a hot new young country star, and I said to myself, "Self, how come it is that Cassadee Pope gets a major recording deal when Kasey Lansdale's independent CD is so much better?"  Well, we all know there is no justice, and all we can do is buy the good stuff like Restless and enjoy it.  Which is what I recommend you do.  Kasey Lansdale's songs are country, bluesy, and there's even a little pop in there.  They all have a bit of an edge, which probably comes from the fact that she wrote or co-wrote a number of them herself, including the tough-chick opener, "Sorry Ain't Enough," one of my favorites here.  Another one I like a lot, though Kasey didn't write it, is "Never Say Never."  Catchy with a great hook.  Along with tough, there's tender, on songs like "Blame You for Trying" and the fine closer, "Half as Much" (there's some toughness even with the tender, though).  Kasey has the voice for just about anything: big, sweet, soft, wry, funny, whatever you're looking for, you'll find it here.  

Being a geezer (Lordy, I'm so old that I know why albums used to be called that), I bought the CD of this collection, but you whippersnappers can download it on iTunes if that's what you prefer.  Give it a try.  You'll be glad you did.


Todd Mason said...

What I love are folks who mock others for using "album" to refer to CDs or other extended-play collections of music, when Everyone Knows that "album" is synonymous with "LP" opposed to originally referring to the multidisc sets of 78s you refer to correctly here (if obliquely), Bill.

I was also doing a little hipping of comic-book folk to Kasey's obras thus far, and will be looking to purchase my 8-track or quadrophonic open-reel copy of RESTLESS at soonest convenience. But what is the cassingle? And what has she filmed for Scopitone?

Lake Mills Library said...

I just ordered's last CD in stock.

Bud said...

I agree Kasey Lansdale has a fine singing voice. Hope she keeps singing and talent will out! Glad she's writing and acting as well.