Wednesday, October 09, 2013

10 of the Best ‘Twilight Zone’ Episodes

10 of the Best ‘Twilight Zone’ Episodes 


Anonymous said...

I've always been annoyed at the faulty logic of the Henry Bemis episode. So he breaks his glasses in a neutron-bombed physically-intact city. The streets are going to be full of corpses, at least one-third of them wearing glasses. All he has to do is wander around stumbling over bodies and checking out their glasses. Surely in the first 6 or 8 he trips over he'll get a pair that improves his sight to the extent that he's no longer stumbling (he's not THAT blind, if a pair of glasses can correct his vision to read ordinary print). After that he has only to browse the corpses until he finds a pair that corrects his vision close to 20-20. Shouldn't take more than half a day, tops.

If you don't like the four-eyed corpse robbing scenario, there's this. He's in a downtown district where there's going to be an optician's store within a few blocks - probably the one he patronizes; he knows where it is. All he has to do is stroll in, and root around the back room in the bins full of glasses awaiting customer pickup. He's sure to find a useful pair. Much ado about nothing.
Art Scott

Unknown said...

I like to think that Bemis thought of that after he recovered from his initial shock.