Tuesday, September 03, 2013


theguardian.com: Hercule Poirot gets new lease of life, 38 years after being killed off Belgian detective who met his end in Curtain to follow in footsteps of Bond and Holmes after Agatha Christie estate commissions Sophie Hannah to write new Poirot novel

Hat tip to Fred Zackel.


Jerry House said...

Poirot wakes up in the shower and we discover that what had happened in CURTAIN was only a dream?

Rick Robinson said...

There are enough Poirot stories and novels already. The Estate is just getting greedy.

Cap'n Bob said...


Deb said...

Christie must be turning in her grave. She killed Poirot off in Curtain explicitly to prevent anyone else from writing more stories about him. And although I know I'd dislike whichever writer was chosen, Sophie Hannah strikes me as absolutely the worst kind of writer to continue the intricately-plotted, elegantly-resolved mysteries Christie excelled in writing. The books of Hannah's that I've read (three--and that was two too many) were full of elaborate premises that were explained through creaky devices like conveniently-discovered diaries and blabby psychotic villains.

/Dismounting soapbox now!

Anonymous said...

What is the cash flow low at the Chrtistie estate these days? I know THE MOUSETRAP is still playing in London and unlike so many other writers of the Golden Age her books are still in print.

This is just wrong, for all the reasons Deb cited.