Friday, September 06, 2013

Another Forgotten Book

Vintage Treasures: The Best of Jack Williamson


George said...

I need to read more Jack Williamson. I read plenty of his books in the Sixties, but I've only recently rediscovered him.

Anonymous said...

Of course I haven't read it but I do have the BEST OF book.


Bud said...

I've read and like a lot of his writings, but I'll always have a special feeling for him as growing up in hard-scrabble ranching in eastern New Mexico. I'll always treasure my conversation with him at the 1985 Austin NASFIC. As a toddler, he remembered traveling through my home town (Pecos, TX) in a covered wagon with his parents on their way to New Mexico!

Unknown said...

I met him at an AggieCon in the early '80s. He was one of my favorites growing up, and I've read quite a few of his books.

When I was teaching at Howard Payne, I had quite a few students from Pecos.