Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Once Again Texas Leads the Way

UPDATE: Astros Break Another Record: A 0.0 TV Rating


Deb said...

Well, as I noted yesterday, the Astros simply aren't being broadcast anywhere anymore. I guess those who can see the games on CSN Houston figured they had better things to do than to watch the Astros lose their 9th game in a row and their 105th of the season! At this point, the Astros are a ghost ship--let's hope they right things by next season.

Unknown said...

Judy and I are still watching. We would've watched Sunday, but we weren't at home.

Deb said...

Too bad you're not a Nielsen household--the Astros could have pulled in a 0.01 rating! I'm actually watching the 'Stros tonight because they're playing the Rangers and we get Ranger games on Fox Sports Southwest.