Friday, September 27, 2013

Another Day, Another Jack the Ripper Update

Mail Online: Has this locket finally unmasked Jack the Ripper? Descendant of fifth victim claims tiny photo proves serial killer was Queen Victoria's surgeon


Kelly Robinson said...

Uh, no. Some crime historians I know actually compared the supposedly damning documents printed in the original book naming John Williams as a suspect. The original documents in the archives did not match those printed in the book. You can't trust an author who alters documents to make a case.

Also, Mary Kelly did not have any effects. What she did own was itemized by the cops. A few sticks of broken furniture. An empty bottle. Certainly not a locket. She lived in a kind of squalor most people could not comprehend. It would have been hocked.

Not to mention the fact that the cops would have taken notice of a photo of someone who was not her boyfriend. (I don't know why the woman making this claim says "husband.")

That's just the start. This is an elaborate fiction.

Unknown said...

Also a profitable one, I suspect.