Thursday, September 26, 2013

Forgotten Music: Jim Reeves

Forgotten in the U. S., maybe, but not everywhere.

Not Elvis, Sinatra, Nor Beatles: Jim Reeves Is The Biggest Western Singer In South India And Sri Lanka


Anonymous said...

Bigger than Slim Whitman?

Funny. For years after he died his wife was turning out "new" Jim Reeves records by the score.

NTTAWWT of course.


Graham Powell said...

We had some land near Carthage, Texas, when I was growing up, and every once in a while we had to run into town and get some supplies or whatever (we lived in Shreveport, which was much father away). So we'd pass by a nice roadside memorial to Reeves - a statue, a garden, the whole nine yards.

Unknown said...

Definitely one of the greats, and he deserves a statue.