Friday, August 23, 2013

The Honky Tonk Big Hoss Boogie -- Robert J. Randisi

Auggie Velez is a Nashville session man. He's also a private-eye, and when he's hired by a big-time record producer to deliver a package, he takes the job.  The $5000 is nice, but the producer also offers Auggie a shot at a record deal all his own.  How can he resist?

Anybody who's read a few private-eye novels would tell Auggie that he was going to be sorry for taking the job, and, sure enough, the guy who was supposed to get the package winds up dead.  Prime suspect?  Auggie.

There's a great MacGuffin in this book, and I'm going to resist giving any hints.  You should discover it for yourself, although . . . I'm not saying.  

The mystery's nicely complex, and the local color is excellent, especially if you like restaurants.  Auggie surely does.  

There's even an appearance by those well-known pickers and grinners Al Hall and Parnell Collins, with whom Auggie shares the stage for a few numbers, not including "King of Kindle."  Check it out.

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Thanks for mentioning Bob's new novel--and many other comments over several years.