Thursday, August 22, 2013

I Miss the . . . Wait, 1999 is the Old Days?

25 Things That Were Totally Normal In 1999


Rick Robinson said...

1) No 1999 is NOT the "old days".

2) I used to almost all of those (not the Nokia one) and STILL DO most of them, because they make sense.

Deb said...

In my house, quite a few of those are still perfectly normal things in 2013!

Gerard said...

I still do

Todd Mason said...

Yes, I, too, still mail checks to a few creditors, still put the occasional CD in a CPU tower (though I also burn copies of what I've ripped, at times), and even look at a newspaper and call on a landline. Ah, well. BUZZFEED still publishes on the Web ( cracky, Granma...haven't you heard about texting?).

Cap'n Bob said...

Whichever of those I did back then I do today except for Blockbuster.