Friday, April 26, 2013

George Jones, R. I. P.

George Jones, country superstar, has died at 81: George Jones, whose supple Texas voice conveyed heartbreak so profound that he became perhaps the most imitated singer in country music, died Friday at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville after being hospitalized with high fever and irregular blood pressure. He was 81.


Anders E said...

How sad. One of the first CDs I ever bought was a George Jones best-of.

Tom Johnson said...

He had many great hits, but one I'll always remember is Open Pit Mine (or mines). Back in 1963, as an MP in France, the Desk Sergeant borrowed my country albums to play over the night shift. The next morning the Post awoke to George Jones singing Open Pit Mine instead of Reveille. Thankfully, there were no officers on Post, except the Duty Officer, who was still sleeping, so the sergeant got away with it.

Unknown said...

Possum beats Reveille any day.