Thursday, April 25, 2013

Uh-Oh or OK?

Shane Black hints that Doc Savage could be next for him to direct

Hat tip to Doc Quatermass.


Randy Johnson said...

I'll reserve judgement for the moment.

Tom Johnson said...

Does he know how old I am (sigh)? Time is running out for old guys like me. Gee, it's not like I have forever ...

Stephen B said...

Let's talk about Black for a moment or two. He was the writer who created the LETHAL WEAPON script. He also wrote LAST BOY SCOUT, LONG KISS GOOD NIGHT, and he wrote KISS KISS BANG BANG.

(That title was an un-used song for a James Bond score, Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and we know James Bond was based on concepts from Doc Savage, by the way). The film LAST BOY SCOUT I view as a story that is dated (or just bad) but the other scripts are enjoyable.

Now, Doc Savage is a character that is unreal, unearthly, almost an uber-mensch type that fascinated collectors and pulp fans for years. Simply stated, I would say Doc Savage in movies would not be what we envision (or most of us) and would be altered for films. It may work, it may not work - but if the movie serves to entertain - that may be the best goal we hope to see reached.

I agree with Tom here. Though I'm in my 40's now it seems years and years have passed with discussion of a Doc film and we can hope the waiting is done.


SB said...

(Black has done the IRON MAN film for 2013. I was neither excited nor was I underwhelmed by The Avengers but it's just a franchise after all and they are making pretty good [to great] movies from very old comic books.)