Friday, February 01, 2013

PimPage: An Occasional Feature in Which I Call Attention to Books of Interest

You can't go wrong with a book by Bille Sue Mosiman. If you haven't read her work, this would be a good time to begin.

MOON LAKE: Billie Sue Mosiman: Kindle Store: A novel of youth corrupted and innocence lost. 

Angie moved with her father from St. Louis to the deep south town of Moon Lake, Mississippi. The lake was huge and peaceful, but the high school wasn't very friendly and Tyeson Dompier thought he owned the lake and everyone who lived around it. He wanted Angie for himself the way he'd had every girl he wanted, but his cruelty ruined everything. 

In the lake a monster lurked, lying in the weedy bottom, waiting the time it was needed to search out those who committed unforgivable sins. It was the monster of retribution, the hands of justice meted out to those born of evil. 

Angie and Tye begin a dance of revenge, death, and one of them will pay the ultimate penalty. One of them will face the lake creature's wrath...

Billie Sue Mosiman is the Edgar and Stoker Nominated author of more than 50 books. MOON LAKE was published originally by Pocket Books and for the first time appears in digital form after the author's revision.

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