Thursday, January 31, 2013

Excellent Article on the Author of the Malko Series

G�rard de Villiers, the Spy Novelist Who Knows Too Much - Last June, a pulp-fiction thriller was published in Paris under the title “Le Chemin de Damas.” Its lurid green-and-black cover featured a busty woman clutching a pistol, and its plot included the requisite car chases, explosions and sexual conquests. Unlike most paperbacks, though, this one attracted the attention of intelligence officers and diplomats on three continents.

Hat tip to Fred Blosser.


D.A. Trappert said...

What an incredible article. I have a handful of his books that I have picked up over the years. Now, I feel compelled to actually read one of them!

Bill Crider said...

Too bad the more recent ones haven't had U.S. paperback editions. Or if they have, I haven't see them.

Deb said...

Based in the description of the (ahem) art work in his study, I don't think I'll be reading his books any time soon!