Thursday, January 17, 2013

Now Available for Your New E-Reader!

...A Dangerous Thing (The Carl Burns Mystery Series)...A Dangerous Thing (The Carl Burns Mystery Series): Bill Crider: Kindle Store: Professor Carl Burns knew the new dean wasn't going to work out when she bought the two goats. And that was the least of the problems. Hartley Gorman College was being attacked - with a vengeance - by the forces of political correctness, and the new dean was an unreconstructed hippie. Courses would have to be rewritten, manners watched... and everyone knew Burns should have been the new dean, anyway. As if this weren't enough to contend with, Tom Henderson's fatal fall through a window definitely wasn't part of the planned curriculum. But figuring out whodunit is going to be a lot more interesting for Burns than grading papers for his developmental English class.


Anonymous said...

Ah yes, the return of Boss Napier.


Cap'n Bob said...

Good to see the Boss back in action.