Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Lunatics -- Dave Barry & Alan Zweibel

Phillip Horkman's a fairly bright, mild-mannered guy who owns a pet shop called The Wine Shop.  Jeffery Peckerman's a forensic plumber who's everything Horkman isn't.  He's crude, rude, and stupid.  So this is an odd-couple novel.  

The action begins when Horkman is refereeing a soccer game and calls a foul against Peckerman's daughter.  A little later, Peckerman visits The Wine Shop under the impression that he can buy wine there.  He leaves under duress with a stolen lemur, which Horkman tries to retrieve, ruining Peckerman's swale in the process.  It's at this point that things begin an escalation into the realm of the ridiculous (or possibly the sublime, depending on your mood).  Rather than revealing  more of the plot, such as it is, I'll just say that the book could have been called Philip and Jeffery Conquer the World.

Lunatics strikes me as the kind of book that you'll either love or hate.  It's full of sophomoric humor, potty jokes, ethnic slurs, and more.  To my shame, I'll admit that I laughed a lot.  You might not.  There's only one way to find out. 


Anonymous said...

Loved it, as you might have guessed.


Unknown said...

I have INSANE CITY on hold at the library. I should get it when they get it cataloged.