Monday, August 27, 2012

Kings of the Trivia World

Frequent commenter Scott Cupp (center), Sandi Cupp, Tracey Davis, Shawn Lauderdale, Doug Dlin, Wes Hartman, and Sanford Allen (not pictured) are the Boxcar Frogs, and they are the Kings of the Trivia World, having proved it by winning Big Bucks in San Antonio this week.  Congrats to the Frogs! 


Todd Mason said...

Not bad for a reasonably fun activity (hope the entry fees didn't eat up the prize in advance or over the long haul). What does the team name mean, I wonder...just jumping in and out? Variation on box of frogs?

Scott Cupp said...

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Todd - The gameis free to play. Bars pick up the expense. As to the name, initially it was Sandi and I and we were Sandi, Queen of the Universe and Her Pet Frog. Semmed like a fun name at the time. When we looked to expand the team, Sanford and Tracey came on. Sanford is the guitarist and singer for a band called Boxcar Satan. Rather than be Satanic Frogs, we became the Boxcar Frogs which was a good name. If yoou look hard, you can see our frog mascot peeking out of the trophy cup.