Friday, July 13, 2012

I Report, You Decide

The Ten Worst Running Mates In Presidential History


Anonymous said...

As usual it should have read 10 Worst Running Mates within the memory of anyone 40 and younger, with one exception to prove the rule.

Honestly, the idea that Edwards would be ranked #2 ahead of some of their other choices (Quayle, Palin) is ludicrous. As much as I disliked Agnew he did help with the base by being Nixon's attack dog.


Jerry House said...

If it weren't for Dan Quayle I'd vote for Sarah Pailin to take all ten spots.

Deb said...

I did not read the article, but if they don't include the guy who ran as Ross Perot's running mate, they're missing a prize.

Anonymous said...

They did, Admiral Stockdale. But he was several places below John Edwards.


Brent McKee said...

The thing about being Perot's running mate was that Perot was pretty much a one man band who thought he was overstaffed. If he could have pulled it off he'd have been his own VP candidate. Does anyone remember his running mate in 1996? Of course not. He was thoroughly overshadowed by Perot.