Friday, June 08, 2012

On the Road Again

Judy and I are headed up the Interstate for a day or so, leaving our cat and the Internet behind. The cat's in good hands, and, as you know, I'm not addicted to the Internet, so I'll be fine. Just fine. Really. Nothing to worry about. Not a thing. Anyway, I won't be responding to e-mails for a while, but the blog will roll on with some scheduled posts if Blogger's working. I'll be back soon.


Anonymous said...

Good thing you're not addicted and can take it or leave it, right?

Anyway, I'm sure you'll have your iPad and your smartphone. Surely there will be WiFi available somewhere?

Have fun.


Bill Crider said...

Judy's hometown is in a dead spot. Barely any cell phone reception, no wifi, no nothing.

Anonymous said...

O, the humanity!



Scott Cupp said...

Have fun you wild and crazy guys!

Cap'n Bob said...

You're going to Frank's cabin?