Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Best Athlete Actors

The Best Athlete Actors


August West said...

Gee, even Johnny Weissmuller was better than most of these.

Anonymous said...

That is just sad. Jason Lee, professional skateboarder? WTF? I don't call that a great athlete. Nor is Ahhhnold.

At least they didn't include Bruce (Can't Stop the Music) Jenner or Joe (hell NO, I can't act) Namath. Other than Jim Brown there are some pathetic choices.

Johnny Weismuller, Chuck Connors, Jim Brown, yes even O.J.


Cap'n Bob said...

Michael Landon, Ryan O'Neal, Buster Crabbe, Fred Dryer, and Cathy Rigby.

Anders Engwall said...

Lino Ventura.

Gerard said...

Tom Selleck
Kurt Russell