Monday, May 07, 2012

Free Book for Your Kindle!

The Captain Must The Captain Must Die eBook: Robert Colby: Kindle Store: For twelve long years they remembered. For twelve long years they plotted. And now Captain Driscoll was going to pay for what he had done to them during the war.

They weren’t going to kill him right away. First there would be only little things, irritating things, that would build and grow and tighten until Captain Driscoll became afraid. Then they’d begin their reign of terror. That would be the best part. The three revenge-hungry men would savor those moments like a good wine.

And when Captain Driscoll was a broken, sobbing man, when his sanity was almost gone, they would murder him.

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Marie said...

Awesome! I just finished a thriller that I found for free on Freebooksy ( and was looking for something else to read. The Captain Must Die sounds like an awesome pick. Thanks for the heads up!