Saturday, May 12, 2012

I've Read One of Them

Ann VanderMeer: The 13 Of The Weirdest Short Stories Ever Written

Hat tip to SF Signal.


Randy Johnson said...

You've got me by one on this one.

Todd Mason said...

Which one, Bill? I must admit mild embarrassment at having read only three (the Aikman, the Barker and the Link), though I've read other work by most of the writers in question...I've probably got a copy of the Jones in one or another of the the YEAR'S BEST HORROR volumes from various editors I have, but haven't read it yet. "Rampo"'s "The Human Chair" would be an obvious inclusion...HUFFPO doesn't do such a good job of proofing, screwed up as the Aikman entry is.

Bill Crider said...

The Barker. Read it when the BOOKS OF BLOOD paperbacks came out. An odd story, for sure, but it must have been impressive, as I still remember it pretty well.