Saturday, May 12, 2012

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Horse Horse Money eBook: Richard Wormser, Tom Roberts, Robert J. Randisi: Kindle Store: HORSE MONEY—The Cases of Chief Van Eyck, Race Track Detective.

Four hard-boiled novellas of crime and intrigue around the Sport of Kings.

Known from Saratoga to Belmont and throughout the racing circuit, Chief Van Eyck keeps the bookies and fix games in check—whether using a little strong-arm, or the nickel-platted death secured in his wide right fist—in the process.

And Van Eyck is never above picking up a few greenbacks on the side thanks to an inside tip or two from the jockey club.

Grab a stool, order a strong one and slid to the edge of your seat as the ponies and Van Eyck both give a thrill ride from wire to wire!

First time in book form.

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