Tuesday, April 17, 2012

PimPage: An Occasional Feature in Which I Call Interesting Books to Your Attention

A massive volume, packed with facts and photos.  And the price is right, a tremendous bargain.  You can't go wrong with this one.  Highly recommended.

Film Noir, The DirectorsAmazon.com: Film Noir, The Directors (9780879103941): Alain Silver, James Ursini: Books: Noted film noir historians Alain Silver and James Ursini, acting as editors, concentrate in this work on the thirty key directors of the classic noir period. These include well-known luminaries, such as Orson Welles, Billy Wilder, Nicholas Ray, and Joseph Losey as well as lesser-known lights of noir, such as Gerd Oswald, Felix E. Feist, Ida Lupino, and John Brahm. Each article will include a short biography of the director, a list of their major noir films, as well as a deep analysis of the films themselves. The book boasts over two dozen collaborators from the world of film history and criticism. Lavishly illustrated with high-resolution photos illustrating the points made by the authors, this book is a must for any aficionado of the American style of film noir.

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Bud said...

As a general film buff, this is just my ticket! Thanx for the ref.