Tuesday, April 17, 2012

PimPage: An Occasional Feature in Which I Call Interesting Books to Your Attention

Fear of the Dark: An Aaron Gunner Mystery
If you missed Gar Anthony Haywood's Aaron Gunner books on their first appearance, you'll be glad to know they're back in e-book format.  Good tough stuff.

Amazon.com: Fear of the Dark: An Aaron Gunner Mystery eBook: Gar Anthony Haywood: Kindle Store: A failed private eye searches Los Angeles for a murderous white supremacist.

Aaron Gunner made a lousy private detective. After a year’s carnage in Vietnam and a quick exit from the police academy, private work was the only avenue he saw to be a hero. But the seediness, tedium, and lack of real power crushed his hopes, and he quit the job after inadvertently setting a pregnant woman up for a violent death. But after a savage racial murder, it may be time to come out of retirement.

The white man comes to the Acey Deuce, a bar in South Central Los Angeles, to blow the head off a young black militant. The dead radical’s sister pays Gunner a visit with a .22 revolver, and convinces him to find her brother’s killer. As Gunner draws closer to answers, prejudice and rage threaten to tear Los Angeles apart. To save the city—and himself—Aaron Gunner must finally find his calling.

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