Thursday, April 19, 2012

K. D. Wentworth, R. I. P.

I just heard from Scott Cupp that K. D. Wentworth has passed away.  She was a fine writer and a good person, one I enjoyed talking to at numerous SF conventions. She'll be very much missed.

K. D. Wentworth - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: Kathy Diane Wentworth (January 27, 1951-April 18, 2012[1]), known as K. D. Wentworth, was an American science fiction author.[2][3] She got her start winning the Writers of the Future Contest in 1988, and then later won Field Publications' "Teachers as Writers" Award in 1991. She served as the editor for the Writers of the Future Contest until his death.[4] One of her novelettes, "Kaleidoscope" (2008), and three of her short stories, "Burning Bright" (1997). "Tall One" (1998), and "Born Again" (2005) have been Nebula award finalists.[5][6]

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