Tuesday, April 03, 2012

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Amazon.com: The Day Remo Died --A Special Edition Destroyer Novella (The Destroyer) eBook: Richard Sapir, Warren Murphy: Kindle Store: "The Day Remo Died" is a novella which appears in the ever popular "The Assassin's Handbook." It tells a part of the series' history, showing where the magic of the books come from.

The Destroyer Series centers around the adventures of Remo Williams. Remo is a Newark, N.J. police officer who gets framed for a drug dealer's murder. Sentenced to death and on Death Row, he is offered the chance to stay alive by going along with plans to fake his death. Surviving his death sentence, he wakes to find he's been recruited to be a highly trained enforcement arm for a secret government organization called CURE. Remo is trained in a style of martial arts called Sinanju named after the Korean village where it was created. His mentor is a wizened, old Korean named Chiun. Chiun is the single most lethal force on the planet.

Hilariously funny, the series details the exploits of Remo and Chiun as Remo attempts to save the country, one crime at a time with Chiun along to continue training Remo.

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