Tuesday, December 06, 2011

12 Days of Bookmas -- Day 4 #bookmas

Play to win free books! Go here for an explanation of the contest and for a list of the many blogs where clues can be found.

Day 4 (Posted December 6, 2011 - Lauren) :

When I first started out in the publishing world, I interned at two different companies. My first internship was a bold introduction to commercial publishing where I learned my first two valuable lessons in publishing: 1. Publishing is about art and money, but rarely only one or the other. All books are art. All books need to make money. The best, most successful books are those that blend these elements well. 2. Just because I wouldn’t personally read a book for pleasure doesn’t mean there isn’t a healthy audience of those who would.

My second internship was where I fell in love with publishing and learned the ropes as completely as I could. I find that I still learn things—daily.

At which companies did I complete these two internships?

My clues: The first company is in the bag ; the second one is a giveaway.

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