Wednesday, December 07, 2011

12 Extremely Disappointing Facts About Popular Music

12 Extremely Disappointing Facts About Popular Music


Dan_Luft said...

Disappointing but not surprising. The pop audience now is three generations strong. Nobody over thirty was buying rock in the "classic" era.

Brent McKee said...

#12 is the most disappointing of all of course.

Stephen B. said...

Sales of current music just mean there is a lot of success in promoting, though does not necessarily reflect the quality of the music being pushed on the public or climbing charts; that's what I've always had to believe!

Anders Engwall said...

As is pointed out in the comments, selling mp3 downloads is not the same as selling vinyl singles. Just comparing numbers is rather misleading.

As for #12, this guy was around in 1965 and I'm not so sure he was less unbearable:

(btw, doesn't the guitar player on the far right look like Michael Caine in THE IPCRESS FILE?)

That said, pop music today really is dreadful.