Thursday, September 29, 2011

It Can Happen Here

The Future Of Books: A Dystopian Timeline


Richard R. said...

Bah. Pfui. @!*$%#@*!. Did I say Bah? Bah.

Rick Ollerman said...

This guy is awfully smug. My library will never be replaced by e-books. I enjoy reading with an e-book reader when I go on vacation. And that's, um, it. Otherwise when I read I don't need batteries, electricity, I don't have to worry about dropping my reader or spilling anything on it. What's more, I'm not on any kind of technological bandwagon--I bought one of the first Kindles, and then one of the later ones, and now I'll get the Fire. I'm on my third iPhone, blah blah blah.

I think people are in love with gadgets and they mistake that for feelings toward books. The reading experience goes beyond the actual writer's words, there's the browsing, the look and feel, the excitement from looking at a shelf of good books.

There's room for both, and unless we drum physical books out of our children's lives, paper books should be around for a lot longer than this guy thinks. Especially with publishers charging the same prices as real books.

Isn't the next step when the people that buy these things one day realize they don't actually use them very much? Maybe it takes a few years. I hope so, otherwise we'll be a society of new-styled television junkies, only this time we carry the screens in our pockets and purses.