Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Carl Hiaasen, Hero

The Associated Press: Fla. welfare applicants less likely to use drugs: Preliminary figures on a new Florida law requiring drug tests for welfare applicants show that they are less likely than other people to use drugs, not more. One famous Floridian suggests that it's the people who came up with the law who should be submitting specimens.
Columnist and best-selling author Carl Hiaasen offered to pay for drug testing for all 160 members of the Florida Legislature in what he called "a patriotic whiz-fest." Several of the law's supporters say they're on board.
"There is a certain public interest in going after hypocrisy," Hiaasen said Tuesday, two days after he made his proposal in a Miami Herald column.


Jerry House said...

Thank you, Carl Hiaasen. And bless you.

Dory said...

Carl Hiaasen,