Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Highly Recommended by Judy (as are the other books in this series)

Rhys Bowen: In 1933, Georgie, the mystery world’s favorite penniless heiress, escapes to the French Riviera after Her Majesty the Queen sends her there on a mission to recover her stolen snuff box.

Lady Georgie is honored to be trusted by the Queen—and even more honored when she meets Coco Chanel and is asked to model her latest clothing line. But when a necklace belonging to the Queen is stolen on the catwalk, Georgie not only has to find two priceless items—she also has an unsolved murder on her hands and has to keep an eye on her love interest, Darcy O’Mara, who has been acting awfully suspicious throughout Georgie’s ordeal.


Rhys Bowen said...

Thank you for recommending my new book, Bill and Judy. t's much appreciated.

Angela said...

Save it for me!