Wednesday, September 07, 2011

9 Vampire Movies That Ruined the Genre

9 Vampire Movies That Ruined the Genre


Gerard said...

Baloney. LOVE AT FIRST BITE is a good flick.

Anonymous said...

I loved NEAR DARK - it's a classic and has great music.

Take the classic Dracula story, add Coolio, and set it in space, and you'll have Dracula 3000.

Sounds great, right?


Dan_Luft said...

Wow I got all roused and angry that LOVE AT FIRST BITE was there and then I see Gerard got here first. It was better than the Frank Langella Dracula the probably inspired it. And it's ohh sooo late 1970s

Bill Crider said...

I'm a big fan of LOVE AT FIRST BITE, and I like NEAR DARK a lot, too.

Marsdon said...

I second Jeff. Near Dark is a terrific flick.


Anders Engwall said...

I saw NOSFERATU on TV in the summer of 1970, a few weeks before I turned seven. I simply can not care about any other version since. Max Schreck is the man. Mostly because he really looks like he's been undead for 500 years.