Tuesday, September 06, 2011

21 forgotten TV subplots

“And no one will ever mention it again, under penalty of torture”


Anonymous said...

According to Jackie the "rape leading to romance and marriage" plot line, while tasteless, has been done a number of other times on soaps as well, including DAYS OF OUR LIVES.


Brent McKee said...

I know that Lee Goldberg reads this blog, and I know that he disagrees with me about this one - he told me I was wrong when I commented on this several years ago - but pretty much the whole first season of Martial Law was forgotten when Goldberg and William Rabkin took over the Carlton Cuse created series in its second season. The first season cliffhanger was totally ignored, the lead character's romantic relationship was dumped, as were two major supporting cast members, leaving just Kelly Hu and Arsenio Hall (the latter being the worst, in my opinion, of the supporting characters from season 1) and a largely incomprenehible season long mytharc introduced. It didn't work.