Monday, June 13, 2011

Another Visit to the House of Scott

Last week I posted about my visit to Art Scott's house and mentioned that I'd visited Art once before, during the 1982 Bouchercon. As it turns out, Art has photos of that earlier visit, although in looking at them I find it hard to believe that the photos of that skinny guy with the black hair are of me. There are some other familiar faces in the pictures, however, and I can't resist posting a few of the photos here.

Here, for example, is Steve Stilwell, who occasionally comments here, in a typical pose. Note hippie headband.

And here I am, ready to grab all the books I can and make a run for it.

Here's blogger Dave (Evan) Lewis with a great moustache. The guy on his left is the late great Hal Rice, and on his right is his wife at that time, Sandi.

This one is of blogger Cap'n Bob Napier, giving me the bunny ears.

Here we have the Cap'n making a muscle to impress Steve.

I think that in this one I'm looking at one of the same books I admired last week, 29 years later.

Here, I'm pointing out some key paperback info to Steve as the Cap'n looks on. I'm always trying to educate people.


Gerard said...

Neat photos. Does Art have any chairs yet?

Cap'n Bob said...

Chairs? We don't need no steenking chairs!

And, Bill, save me some for my blog.

Anonymous said...

I think the Cap'n was just trying to honor your Longhorn heritage, but his fingers are dyslexic.

Anonymous said...

I had 12 chairs at one time, but these Russian guys, then Fred Allen, and then Mel Brooks kept swiping them.

Benjie said...

Ah, the Bill Crider that taught me everything I know. Brings me back to my HP days.