Thursday, June 16, 2011

Yes, Indeed. Times Have Changed. "Big Bear High school students are being ordered to return their yearbooks after an inappropriate 'child pornography' photograph somehow managed to be published."


Jerry House said...

Wonder how many will be returned.

Marsdon said...

I was recently going through a bunch of Photo Annuals from the early 70s that have been sitting on my shelves unopened gathering dust for 30 years with an eye to donating them to a library or something [stuff like Popular Photography Annual 1972 - the Years Best Photos]. Almost every one had an art photo of a naked or half naked child in it. And these were sold on news racks across the country wherever magazines were sold.

I went and pulled out the offending pages and shredded them to protect myself. How many people have this stuff packed away in boxes in their garages? Maybe you? Does that make them (or you - or me) child pornographers?

I remember reading about one woman who was arrested when a photo store clerk called the cops because he discovered that she had taken pictures of her son bathing naked (he was like 3 or 4).

I do not support child porno. It sickens me. But we are carrying it way too far.

Snidely Whiplash said...

From the article it sounds like one fully clothed teenager sneaking a feel of another fully clothed teenager at a dance. Doesn't sound like things have changed much, except perhaps the over the top histrionics of school administrators.