Sunday, May 29, 2011


Mail Online: "Gillian Anderson is to star as a ‘sexually charged and alluring’ Miss Havisham in a radical television reworking of Charles Dickens’s classic Great Expectations.

The former X Files beauty is in talks to co-star in the three-part BBC1 drama which The Mail on Sunday can reveal will feature Hollywood hardman Ray Winstone as Magwitch and rising star Douglas Booth as Pip.

The BBC is planning what it calls the most ‘visceral’ adaptation of
the novel yet in an effort to win over a generation of viewers unfamiliar with the original.

It will remain faithful to Dickens’s story, but key characters and situations will be redrawn to give them a ‘contemporary buzz’."


George said...

Gillian Anderson did a nice job in the last BBC version of BLEAK HOUSE. We'll have to see how this remake turns out.

Seepy Benton said...

I love the classics!

Deb said...

"Contemporary Buzz" = Oh, dear!

Anonymous said...

Only if they have Paris Hilton as "the young" Miss Havisham.

That's hot!


Anonymous said...

Or maybe Estella could have a "contemporary buzz" cut.


Bud said...

If "contemporary buzz" isn't the kiss of death to this classic, I'll have to salute the PR pitchman pushing this product!

MP said...

For me, "Uh-Oh" can't be applied to anything Gillian Anderson is in, not even another unnecessary "X-Files" movie.

Richard R. said...

I weep with fear, while asking WHY?!?!?