Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Today's Vintage Ad


Mike Doran said...

Sorry about being off-topic again, Bill, but I need your help.

Today, at Thrilling Days Of Yesteryear, Ivan Shreve wrote of how one of his local stations is now carrying MEtv, and thanked me by name for alerting him to its existence.

I'd love to return his thanks, but I can't - because the comment box at his site no longer has the Name/URL option, and I can't figure out how to get the ones that are left to work for me.
Google is a foreign language for me,and I can't figure out any of those OpenID icons.
I'm putting this cry for help here in hope that Ivan might see it when he visits this site. But if by chance he doesn't look at this particular post, could someone at least let him know that "Mr. Television" says "You're welcome"?

Thanks and apologies.

Rick said...

Interesting about "That Jane From Maine" title.
The movie tie-in is by that name; but the movie was released as "It Happened To Jane".

Datrappert said...

Just wanted to put in a plug for Marvin Albert, who was a great writer under multiple pseudonyms. I don't usually read his movie tie-ins, but I highly recommend the Stone Angel series and the books he wrote as Tony Rome, Albert Conroy, and Ian McAlister.

Bill Crider said...

Albert's a blog favorite!