Wednesday, June 01, 2011


DC Universe Reboot Confirmed - Comics News at IGN: "At last, DC Comics has shown their hand after weeks of speculation. The rumors of a massive DC Universe reboot have been confirmed. In September, comic fans will be the recipients of 52 #1 issues as the entire line of DC Universe titles gets a relaunch. Everyone from Superman to Booster Gold will be getting a revamp, which includes redesigns and a 'younger' continuity."

Hat tip to Randy Johnson.


Stephen B. said...

It's not a surprise, but in a way it astounds one to see the lengths editors and publishers will go to try a gimmick or hope to garner new readership.

Recall an era of books with limited-series arcs then reset the series number, multiple covers,
hologram cover, insert a card/freebie in a bag sealed with the comic - and more.

CIVIL WAR at Marvel seemed to come much too late when the series had --- lack of good stories. THE CLONE SAGA confused nearly anyone who read Spider-man books at it's time. CRISIS (two different eras) worked but I neglected to ever hear if DC gained new readership after such a plan. Indeed: Uh-oh.

SB said...

Further reading on greed, running a comic/card shop, and how speculating in sales or rare titles caused a bust in publishing comics --