Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Long Arm of the Law

WFTV Orlando: "An Orange County woman was picked up on an outstanding warrant from 34 years ago. The warrant stems from a 1977 DWI charge."

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JD Rhoades said...

North Carolina has recently instituted a system called NCAWARE, that's reaching back and picking up unserved warrants from years ago. So the courts are now flooded with ancient worthless check, simple assaults, communicating threats, and other low status misdemeanors that can't be proven and end up getting dismissed. Our record so far is a worthless check charge from 1995, for a check written to a business that folded years ago.

All of these people, of course, ask for and get court appointed lawyers, at a time when the indigent fund is scheduled to run out of money in mid-May. But hey, law and order, right?