Friday, March 11, 2011

But Texas Has Two Near the Top

Magazine names Detroit angriest city in America - Yahoo! News: "The Motor City has earned itself yet another title: angriest town in America.

Of 100 cities, Men's Health magazine dubbed Detroit the 'most spitting-mad metropolis,' in a report released in January."


Gerard said...

Jon Stewart was covering the Wisconsin (Madison is #5) brou-ha-ha on last night's show and remarked on how polite the Wisconsin people continued to be in comparison to New York where "when you flub your order at Starbuck's" people go nuts.

Bud said...

If NYC isn't in the top 10 angriest, then Houston certainly shouldn't be there either.
Have to agree about Salt Lake City.

Cap'n Bob said...

DOn't blame pattinase.